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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter a service request?

Most of the services provided by Facilities are requested via the Facilities Management work order system. Each department has authorized users that can submit requests in various Service Areas (Maintenance, Employee ID/Access, and Asset Transfer). Contact Facilities or your Administrative Council member for your department’s authorized user.)


How do I request a new ID or change my current ID?

The request is done electronically from the Facilities Department website.  Each department has an authorized user that can submit a request for staff ID/Access cards through the Facilities Management work order system.  Contact your supervisor.

How do I request the use of a Fleet Vehicle?

Each department has an authorized user that can request the use of a BOCES vehicle through the Facilities Management work order system.  On the Facilities web page select Work Request.  Log on to Facilities Management System, select Work Orders, and Create Work Order.  Complete the details as listed and check the Pool Vehicle Request box under Additional Information and Update to save your request.

How do I request an Asset Transfer?

From the OCM BOCES web site select Management Services, and Facilities. On the right side of the page are the transfer forms. Select as needed, complete, and save to your computer (You should name the file for easy reference with NO spaces or special characters in the file name). On the left side of the screen select Work Request. Log on to Facilities Management System and select Work Orders, then Create Work Order. On the Service Area pull-down menu select Asset Transfers. Complete the rest of the pull-down selections as needed for your location. Enter a description of your request. Under Additional Information, attach your completed Transfer form by clicking on the Browse button and attaching your document from your saved location. Click on the Update button (it appears at both the top and bottom of the Create Work Order screen) to save your request.




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